Nightly News Full Broadcast – November 2nd

Kayleigh McEnany: Americans are having Biden remorse

Hannity: Blaming Donald Trump for everything is not a winning strategy

Leo Terrell: The race card is dead

Joy Reid: Youngkin Probably Animated African-American Voters With Toni Morrison Ad

What Went Wrong For The Democrats: Rachel, Joy And Nicolle Discuss The State Of The Left

This is absolutely earth-shattering: Dhillon

Virginia voters send message to Democrats: Leave our kids alone

Democrats melt down over Youngkin’s upset in Virginia election

Gingrich: McAuliffe ran for governor on a national strategy

Terry McAuliffe delivers remarks, refuses to concede in Virginia governor’s race

Tucker: This is a deeply ominous sign

Janelle King on Terry McAuliffe’s loss: ‘The race card is dead’

Virginia voter’s message to Americans: You can take back your states too

Dr. Carol Swain rips MSNBC hosts for meltdown over Youngkin win

Don Lemon looks ahead to tight Virginia gubernatorial race

ABC News Live: President Biden commits to climate action as he wraps overseas trip

The national implications of the Virginia governor’s race

Republican Glenn Youngkin projected to win Virginia governor race

Republicans show strength in gubernatorial elections l GMA

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