“Only Fans Model Has Mental Breakdown Because She’s Scared To Tell Her Dream Man The Truth” REACTION

A few days ago, I was chatting with my subscribers, asking them what kind of content I’ve been producing lately that they like best. One of my (hopefully) well-meaning subs replied “your youtube videos,” and when I asked which one was his favorite, he sent me the link to this video. Manosphere Highlights Daily had uploaded a video reacting to my video “i owe you an explanation,” in which I talked about the man I’ve been dating for a little over a year now while sitting in his bathtub. We’re back in a bathtub today to discuss this video, and how (just as I suspected) the creator is a cherry picking misogynist who has chosen to take pieces of my video & twisted my words so he can jump to conclusions regarding a situation he has no background information on WITHOUT EVEN CREDITING ME!! I’d be much more receptive to his criticism if he were willing to include at least a link to my video so viewers could develop their own opinions regarding my situations, or I could at least get some new subscribers lol. I’m sure viewers of this YouTube channel are so narrow minded, they don’t care what I actually have to say, they just think they’re hurting my feelings by saying I’m a gold digger or the man I’ve been dating (I just want to stress this: FOR OVER A YEAR) doesn’t really like me. Fortunately I’m secure enough in my relationship and with myself, that I don’t let these comments get to me, because I know it’s just a projection of their toxic masculinity and controlling nature. Honestly, I feel bad for them, more than anything. Imagine sitting on your computer or phone posting hate comments on a video of a creator who isn’t even tagged & probably would’ve never come across this video except one of my OnlyFans subscribers sent it to me. That doesn’t mean I’m above clout leeching off their video of me that has received 72k views, while mine sits at a measly 326 views.
**update 11/03: they added the link to my video**
Dating is hard, period. Adding some additional variables can dramatically change the trajectory of any relationship. I practice serial dating for a number of reasons, and one I mentioned in a previous video, is to get to know what I like (#9). Throughout the past 15 months, I’ve gone on dates with several other men, some of which I enjoyed spending time with, but no one I felt a connection with other than this man. A few weeks ago, while enjoying a psychadelic journey, he had made a few comments regarding my substance usage that left me feeling a little blue. The next time I saw him, we addressed the problem and handled it as a couple. I know I posted this video publicly for everyone to see, but obviously it’s only a little snippet of how I was feeling within about a 35 minute time window. I believe many of the men commenting on the video I’m reacting to wouldn’t know how to discuss and resolve problems with their partner (if they can find a woman desperate enough to be treated like sh*t). They seem to be projecting a lot of insecurity onto MY relationship, based on a video that purposely doesn’t tell the whole story. I am not a liar, my man knows what I do for work & I’ve seen him twice since then so I’m assuming it doesn’t bother him. Last time I saw him, I cried while he held me tight & kissed my forehead until I calmed down. Not everyone is dating to marry, that doesn’t make a relationship any less valid. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved & appreciated, who will work hard to resolve any problems that may arise in your relationship.
Just remember, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE!!!
i owe you an explanation.

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