BREAKING: New Rittenhouse FBI Video Puts Trial in Question | Guest: John Doyle | 11/2/21

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is under way as the world watches what awaits the kid in Kenosha. The prosecution opened the trial by claiming Rittenhouse chased down Joseph Rosenbaum while wielding his AR-15. We’ll break down some of the statements made today during the trial. Terry McAuliffe closed his campaign with the message that there are too many white teachers in Virginia and he wants to even out the numbers to make everyone comfortable. Is this actually a winning strategy or just woke pandering that will ultimately lead to defeat? That decision is up to the citizens of Virgina. Colin Kaepernick, former football player and woke crusader, says white people only like black characters with “white characteristics” in his new documentary. Is this really a true statement, or is Kaepernick simply pushing his racial agenda? It seems like there are plenty of examples where this isn’t the case, but that wouldn’t drive his narrative. We’re joined in studio by John Doyle from the YouTube channel “Heck Off Commie.”
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